Everyone with a home HVAC unit is aware that proper maintenance is key. When it doesn't work right, your wallet quickly empties. To fully understand what you can do to have a smooth operating HVAC system, check out the useful tips in this article.

When choosing the area for placing an outdoor compressor device, place it in a shady area. When your unit takes in cool air, it takes less energy to tool the air, thus boosting efficiency.

Consumers are usually advised to have their HVAC systems inspected twice a year. Ideally, you should have it looked at in the spring and fall so you know everything is set for the hot and cold months. Although there might not be any noticeable issues, it is important to provide regular upkeep to prevent bad things from happening.

Replace any single-paned windows with double-paned versions. Double pane windows help minimize your air conditioning use in the summer by keeping the cooler air inside your home. As with other steps you take to improve your ability to keep your air conditioned air or heated air inside your home, double-paned windows can help you save on energy costs.

A programmable thermostat is a simple way to help save money on air conditioning costs. These convenient thermostats may shave ten percent or more off of your bills, because they significantly cut energy use when you're not around. In addition, some models make things really easy on you, allowing you to adjust them from the computer.

Sometimes, air conditioners collect ice. The drain line might also freeze over. If you see this happen, disable the compressor by turning your thermostat to the fan only setting. If the problem persists be sure to call in a professional.

Prior to hiring any HVAC contractor, you should ask how long their business has operated. Someone that has been in the business for a while probably isn't going to scam you. If you hire someone that's new that this then you'll be risking your money.

Ask around so you can find a reputable HVAC contractor. Someone who has used a contractor in the past is generally willing to let you know what they thought about it. You are likely to also hear about negative experiences.

Are you looking into getting a new heating/cooling system? There are some things to consider. The systems are generally rated based on the area they cover. You want a unit which offers a little more than you need.

If your existing system is malfunctioning, look for leaks in the ducts. The local utility company may be able to do this for you at a cost lower than what a contractor would charge you. Having these repaired is worth the cost of testing if you had to hire a contractor to do the job.

Figure out which direction your home faces in order to make your HVAC system more efficient. Strategically placed trees outside your home can block out the morning sun which can cause your home to overheat. The less heat in your home, the less time your air conditioner will have to work.

Make sure that your doors and windows are efficient. Be sure their seal is tight so no exterior air gets in or interior air gets out. It is wise to hire someone to test them out, and this often costs nothing.

In order to determine the size of the air conditioner to purchase, you must measure the area that you want to cool. Plan for 20 BTU of power in your air conditioner for each square foot that needs to be cooled. If more than one room needs AC service, combine all the square footage.

Replace your air filters every month. This is an easy way to help you keep things running well for you overall. The filters are only a couple dollars, so it is a small monthly investment.

Find a HVAC company that knows its stuff. Many reliable companies ensure techs keep their appointments to stay on schedule. The technicians should also be able to diagnose problems in your HVAC in no time. Once the problem is identified, they will also be able to quickly and efficiently resolve it.

Ask a contractor about their experience prior to hiring them. Make sure they are experienced doing the kind of work that you need. Though it is possible that a newer contractor will be just fine, you may not want to take the risk.

If you're hiring a contractor, get references. You want to be able to ask if what was expected is what the homeowner got, such as being on time and on budget. Make certain to follow through and contact the references provided.

Don't purchase an HVAC system unless you know exactly what all is included in your system. Some contractors will attempt to overcharge you after the work is complete for fuel or extra material. Contracts will avoid these issues.

During the winter months, you will want to cover your condenser unit to protect it. That is going to extend the functional lifespan of your condenser. Also, when it's less than sixty degrees outside, you shouldn't use the compressor. Switch your fan on instead so the unit doesn't get strained.

Always check out any references that are given to you by an HVAC contractor. Too many people take for granted that reference are indeed legitimate, when in fact they may not be. Don't hesitate to call on someone's references.

When you have a contractor come to give you an estimate, make sure they perform a heat-loss calculation. This calculation will ascertain what the correct BTU is for the system you need for your home or business. This includes counting doors and windows, checking all the insulation and measuring the total internal space of your home.

Since the article above will help you understand how to keep your HVAC properly maintained, it should run perfectly for years. A faulty HVAC unit is every homeowner's worst nightmare. It can cost a lot of money to repair and eat up a lot of time. Use these tips whenever you encounter a problem.